Mr. Maurice Sleiman Chairman & Board Member

• Lebanese businessman working in the insurance industry for more than 15 years.

• CEO of Fidelity Insurance Company, owned by the Sleiman family in Lebanon.

• Board member in Fidelity United and Chairman of the Executive Committee

Mr. Nader Al Mously Board Member

• Saudi businessman.

• Worked at the Saudi American Bank (SAMBA) where he held was Director-General for personal services, investment, and business services divisions.

• Advisor to the board of directors at the International Bank of Lebanon (IBL) since 1998.

• Chairman of Environmental Protection Services Company (EPSCO).

• Chairman of Everest Financial Consultants.

Mr. Sager Sultan Al Sudairy Board Member

• Saudi businessman

• CEO of Environmental Protection Services Company (EPSCO) in Riyadh since 2000

• Board Member of International Bank of International Bank of Lebanon (IBL) since 1999.

• CEO and Board Member of Everest Operation and Maintenance

• Chief Consultant to Everest Financial Consultants

Mr. Shamel Qardan CEO & Board Member

• Jordanian businessman

• CEO of DERAYA Insurance Brokers

• Works in the insurance industry since more than 19 years

• Held several positions in the American International Group (AIG) in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. In addition to executing several insurance plans in Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, and the UAE

• Last position held was Agency’s Director in American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) – KSA.