At DERAYA Insurance Brokers we believe in divine goals of respected professions.
We trust that the purpose of insurance is to provide protection for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole; from this standpoint we seek to embody and symbolize these core values in every aspect of our work; ranging from policies and processes to training.

Therefore, all of our staff realize their mission, and make client protection their ultimate professional goal.The success of an insurance broker relies on its scientific and practical expertise, in addition to risk management methods, and meeting clients’ needs. We, at DERAYA, realize this fact, and seek to allocate our regional and multinational experiences to serve our clients in a distinctive approach.

Therefore We look forward to a successful long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and friendship. We also believe in transparency and credibility being major pillars of success. We have great faith, after our faith in Allah Almighty, in the humanitarian aspect of the insurance industry, and we do not, by all means, make monetary gain our work priority.

Therefore We seek to redefine the concept of insurance brokerage; and because experience is the best proof we sure hope to get the opportunity to work with you to witness the difference.

Therefore Shamel Mansour Qardan