The Fire and Allied Peril Insurance provides comprehensive coverage of loss or damage to your property, in terms of: Building including electromechanical installations; Furniture, fixtures and decoration; Office furniture and equipment; Plant and Machinery; Stock in Trade (Held under trust, care, custody and control of the Proposer); Debris removal; Loss of Rent (Rent Receivable / Rent Payable); Architect & Legal Consultants Expenses; Tenant’s Liability Limit; Neighbor’s Liability Limit; and Others.

There are five types of coverage, as follows:

  1. Fire and lightning only
  2. Fire and lightning only and additional coverage
  3. Fire and lightning including expansion to the following risks: Road vehicles crash; Damage caused by aircraft; Earthquakes; Storms or hurricanes; Water damage; Flood; Owner’s liability; Glass breaks; Industrial boiler explosion; Debris removal; Malicious or deliberate damage; and Strikes, riots and civil frenzy.
  4. Burglary
  5. Business Interruption, covering and replacing a business income lost as a result of an event that interrupts the operations of the business, such as fire or a natural disaster.