DERAYA Service Excellence Plan is its Key point of strength

DERAYA is engaged in a formal agreement with a wide range of reputable insurance companies, to provide its clients with:

  • Quality & Fine Service: DERAYA Insurance Brokers is empowering its field force members and customer relations representatives with a thorough knowledge on all the processes and materials necessary for their work. This material includes: all policy documents, brochures, endorsements, and all related forms.
  • Timely Service: DERAYA Insurance Brokers established its service standards in relation to timeline with all insurance companies, to guarantee a swift comeback to clients’ requests and claims.

A superior aspect in DERAYA Insurance Brokers is creating distribution and presence all over the kingdom, which supports the companies we deal with, and their spread across the kingdom, thus aiding and enabling DERAYA to better serve its clients through a wider range of insurance companies.

DERAYA’s trained sales force will provide clients with all the possibilities for their insurance needs, through a comprehensive comparison sheet of companies to choose from, and customize clients’ insurance policy according to their needs.

  • DERAYA’s Clients Service professionals provide the best representation of your company with your insurer.
  • The high synergy between client relations and sales departments ensures issuing quotations in a speedy manner. Our sales staff submits a complete list of requirements to the Client Relations Department (based on our agreements with the insurance companies); the latter employs a system of checking the requirements instantly. This guarantees a smooth flow of the rest of the process within the agreed upon timeline.
  • The Client Relations Department has a follow up system with the insurance companies, and keeps clients informed on the status of policy issuing or any missing requirements.
  • For your convenience and specific needs, we have established exact points of contacts within DERAYA’s Client Relations Departments to serve you.
  • As a client of DERAYA, you are entitled to training sessions provided by the insurance company, to help you understand your policy in force, and to help you maintain a good record with the insurance company. This will help renewal at a good price.

Because we care about Service Excellence, we pay particular consideration to the training and development of our employees. Our goal is to instill and maintain the company’s multinational standards in every aspect. To demonstrate its seriousness about the training programs, the company links all employees’ promotions to successfully completing the required from them at their exact developmental stage. Likewise, actual practice implementation is a crucial factor in employees passing the training courses, thus their promotion.
Training curriculum includes:

  • Licensing field force
  • Compliance training
  • Product knowledge training
  • Advanced selling skills
  • Customer Services training curriculum.

In addition, DERAYA’s electronic library encompasses all training material readily available for viewing and printing as needed.

DERAYA has invested in state-of-the-art IT systems and infrastructures to support its belief in the vision of leading the digital transformation in region’s insurance industry.

We tailored custom made brokerage software, which was built from scratch based on expert Insurance minds. It is a fully integrated system for insurance and reinsurance brokerage, supporting the entire brokerage cycle from initial quote and placement throughout to billing, claims processing, accounting and payments settlement.

It is easy-to-use, fast and flexible and most importantly we have built our own reporting module that uses business intelligence concepts to extract all analytical reports needed.