The sales process in DERAYA is divided into 3 phases; where the client will be notified by a letter at the onset of each phase. The purpose of such letters is to ensure quality service, and to facilitate continuous communication, by identifying points of contact at DERAYA dedicated for the client’s services.

At this phase, sales consultants communicate with clients via telephone, to set an appointment for insurance needs analysis, DERAYA’s profile is then sent to potential clients for a pre-meeting review. After conducting the meeting, this phase requires clients to fill in a few proposal forms, in order to furnish our technical team with necessary data to study clients’ needs. Next, these files are forwarded to the Insurance Companies Relations Department; which further verifies needs, and communicates with insurance companies that will best serve client’s requirements.

To guarantee a better quality of service, DERAYA adopted a policy of signing agreements of understanding with insurance companies; as such agreements preserve the interest of all parties (clients, insurance companies, DERAYA). Subject to this, clients’ right to receive an unprecedented quality service is maintained; DERAYA’s promises to its clients are lived up to; and finally a positive image of insurance companies is conveyed. Such agreements address core issues, such as turnaround time (TAT), and the time an insurance company consumes to address clients’ requests. For example, it takes 3 to 5 days to obtain a quotation form insurance companies.

At this negotiation phase, under the broker of record letter issued by clients, insurance companies relations department studies existing insurance policies, in terms of coverage, exclusions, rates and conditions, then compares all of that to clients’ actual needs. In order to adopt the final version of an insurance policy, which fulfills clients’ needs, DERAYA formulates an initial draft of an insurance policy based on agreed upon needs by the client.

Insurance Companies Relations Department diligently starts contacting a range of insurance companies to obtain competitive quotations. At the end of this phase, a comparison study is carefully prepared to highlight coverage, major exclusions, conditions, and rates. Insurance consultants at this phase are ready to present the comparison study to clients with a great deal of elaboration on the content. In addition to providing an expert advice to guide clients in reaching an informed decision supported by facts.

  • Based on the Service Level Agreement signed between DERAYA and every client,
    all clients receive the following services:- Policy management as long as it is in force, and quarterly policy performance reports.- Periodic visits by qualified professionals to take charge of insurance portfolio management.


    Insurance policies issued within 7 days, based on our agreements with insurance companies.

    Quality of service through sending all clients’ requests officially via email, and assigning specific points of contact for each request.